Spanish Classes for Beginners!

If you are in Perú for business reasons or vacations & want to learn the basics just call us & we will design a course just right for your needs!

Spanish Grammar, Bilingual & Spanish Dictionaries on sale!

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Master your Spanish in a Pleasant & Relaxing Atmosphere!

By joining our club you will really improve your Spanish speaking skills and/or maintain your language ability by meeting on a regular basis. You can also benefit from the following:
*Increase your Spanish vocabulary /slang
*Correct your improper pronunciation
*Get more fluency
*Learn first hand information about peruvian culture
*and last but not least ....Have fun & make new friends!
We have small groups(up to 8 people) & once a week meetings (friday from 7 to 9p.m) For intermediate & advanced Spanish students only.Led by a native Peruvian experienced tutor.